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In the New Direction, the SLPP Government’s objective will be to provide energy in sufficient quantities to all regions of the country to permit the continuous realization of the developmental goals of industry and the general population. The specific actions are to:
  • Restore electricity supply to all district capitals • Initiate a rural electrification programme that will supply electricity to all towns with population exceeding 20,000
  • Institute a Rural Electricity Board and a Rural Electricity Fund to promote electrification of rural areas with a view to making electricity readily and widely available in rural areas.
  • Each year, at least five villages and two towns in each district join the national grid or are connected off-grid on standalone solar or mini-hydro schemes.
  • Massive investment in renewable energy potential of the country in the areas of solar, hydro, wind and biomass
  • Promote the use of renewable and modern forms of energy like Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Encourage the start of min-hydro schemes, solar energy schemes and provide special financial incentives to companies in this sector • Enhance female access to modern energy by investing in rural electrification, clean cooking fuel (propane gas) and household energy needs.
  • Encourage mining companies and other major industries to sell excess power to the national grid for the supply of power to the communities in which they operate and other contiguous areas.
  • Review and strengthen the institutional capacity of the regulatory Agency for the water and electricity sectors
  • Promote energy efficiency measures nationwide • Follow up on the reform of the power sector including connection in the West African Power Pool
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