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In the New Direction we will work in consonance with the ECOWAS Vision 2020 to improve the Air Transport sector by developing a sound and seamless regional air transport system that is safe, reliable, efficient and affordable, well connected within West Africa and integrated with the global network. Specific policy actions will include:
  • Enhance global civil aviation safety by certifying the Freetown International Airport at Lungi to meet international standards
  • Improve ferry and sea coach services between Targrin and Freetown to support passenger travel and comfort
  • Enhance global civil aviation security and facilitation
  • Develop an Air transport master plan to foster the development of a sound and economically viable civil aviation system; develop Lungi International airport into an aerotropolis involving the development of an airport city which essentially will provide one stop airport support facilities including hotels, conferencing facilities, shops, restaurants etc. This will be a mix market high-density commercial development to serve as economic growth node and generate employment and improve incomes in the local economy
  • Develop airport services and create a hub to handle increased foreign traffic to the East Coast USA, North Africa, Europe and South America and create a new carrier - Sierra International Airlines
  • Create a sub-regional hub at Hastings/FNA with Air taxi services
  • Revive all abandoned airstrips where practicable and construct new airstrips where necessary
  • De-politicise the management of the SLAA and the CAA
  • Privatise some airport services in a transparent manner
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