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In the New Direction, the SLPP government will sanitize and reform the land tenure system to make it compatible with the increasing demands of a modern economy and ensure equitable distribution of land and related issues. Other specific policy actions will include;
  • Encourage the setting up of Home Finance Institutions
  • Set up and enforce standards for building materials
  • Encourage large-scale local production of building materials
  • Provide fair and affordable access to decent housing to the citizenry either through public or private investments
  • Improve access and distribution of imported and locally produced building materials
  • Review and enhance the role and capacity of the Sierra Leone Housing Corporation (SALHOC) • Facilitate access to credit for building and mortgage for regular income and nonregular income earners
  • Support rehabilitation programmes for public buildings and state owned quarters nationwide.
  • Rehabilitate Police Barracks, Military Barracks and construct new modern multistorey quarters where necessary
  • Support the creation of satellite areas around urban areas for housing major office buildings
  • Pursue the feasibility of extending the limits of the capital of Freetown by the construction of a modern toll bridge linking Freetown with Lungi
  • Ensure the provision of infrastructure services such as electricity, water supply and roads in new areas before they are developed for housing purposes
  • The building of offices outside Freetown by public-private sector collaboration to ease congestion in the Central Business District
  • Encourage private ventures to build multi-storey car parks, public toilets and bathing facilities in Towns and Cities by providing lands for such purposes;
  • Develop a Land Acquisition Account and commence payments for buildings to be demolished in the planned areas to cover a 10 year period. Such areas will be used for car parks, recreation areas, transports and transit points
  • Encourage banks to develop a housing loan fund that permits the construction companies to develop affordable housing
  • Increase the width of access roads from 20’ to 30’ in all urban areas for vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Encourage the creation of green spaces and on-plot car parking.
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