Higher Education

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A new ministry called "Ministry of Technical and Higher Education" has been created and the New Minister appointed is Professor Aiah Gbakima
Campaign Promise
Detail Activities
  • Establish a separate Ministry of Higher Education (covering technical and vocational education, teacher training, and the universities)
  • Review all statutes relating to higher education
  • Establish a university system that employs its own leadership as chancellors with distinguished and proven records of higher education leadership, significant international clout and contacts (funding and research networks), and who are reformminded. In the New Direction, the President will no longer be the Chancellor of the Universities.
  • Encourage judicious internal resource allocation and management
  • Encourage internal initiatives to keep faculties well-compensated, motivated, productive, and accountable
  • Upgrade curriculum of tertiary education to match skills acquired to job requirement
  • Create the environment for the tertiary institutions to invest in profitable ventures and use profits for developing the University
  • Provide incentive schemes to encourage Sierra Leonean writers
  • Develop Research and Development in the University
  • Introduce entrepreneurial education in the University that will develop and nurture the entrepreneurial mindset to create jobs for themselves and for others even before they complete their university studies.
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