Executive Power and The Presidency

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The following executive orders directly contradict this promise and hence the reason why its status is "Promise Not Kept". When these orders are turned into legislation, we will change the status. 16th April 2018 - The President issued "Implementation of the Executive order No. 1 on Revenue Mobilization" 25th April 2018 - The President issued "Immediate Expenditure Control measures"
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The President under the New Direction will be a constitutional President and will only use powers vested in him by the National Constitution or recognized by the law. Under the New Direction the next SLPP Government will commit itself to adhere to the rule of law and institutional reforms to maintain law and order in society. This will mean the next President will lead by example, demonstrating the necessary discipline to refrain from acting unconstitutionally and scrupulously respecting the rule of law in the best interest of national development and stability. Accordingly, the SLPP Government after March 7, 2018 shall endeavor to:
  • Review unlawful acts of the last Government by way of Judicial and Parliamentary review to facilitate the quick restoration and maintenance of the rule of law
  • Strengthen Judicial Independence to avoid the current embarrassment engendered by the ECOWAS Court Ruling in the Sam Sumana case
  • Avoid the reckless use of Supreme Executive Authority and so-called Orders from Above
  • Presidential appointments to be guided by proven competence and qualification
  • Sustain a general policy of respect for the rule of law by the President and Government
  • Examine the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Commission with a view to giving effect to them as much as is practicable.
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