Environmental Governance

Progress Status
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Detail Activities
  • Review the EPA 2010 Act
  • Revise the Agriculture Policy, Energy Policy and the Forestry Policy to incorporate measures that will halt, reverse and minimize land degradation
  • Monitor industrial establishments for compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Establish independent agencies for disaster management and meteorology to improve the knowledge base and expand actions for early warning and disaster risk reduction
  • Develop a flood risk management strategy as part of a more ambitious, robust, and adaptive environment and natural resources management policy and strategic plan
  • Develop a climate change policy and strategy and a work programme for countrywide adaptation and resilience to climate change
  • Ensure environmental sustainability of development policies, programmes and projects at national and local level by mainstreaming environmental issues across sectors particularly agriculture, energy, infrastructure, industry, decentralization, finance and planning
  • Develop action plans for and fully implement all Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)
  • Build institutional capacity to improve sectoral programming and coordination, sustainable financing, and effective financial management
  • Establish a National Environment Fund and an environmental court to help with resource mobilization and environmental litigation;
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