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Status Updates
The former Ministry of education, science & Technology has changed to Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and Mr. Alpha O. Timbo appointed as Minister Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (Western Area) Message from Ministry
  1. Ministry of education, science & Technology changed to Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education
  2. Come September 2018 there will be no more SSS 4
  3. Current SSS 3 going to SSS 4 will be called SSS 3 Special
  4. Current sss 2 going to sss 3 will join sss 3 special for 2019 WASSCE Exams
  5. Submission of names of competent teachers for the August tuition classes for WASSCE Candidates
  6. The government will provide an encouraging stipend to tutors
  7. Principals should actively involve in the teaching process
  8. The Ministry will be monitoring the entire programme
  9. There will be no extra-charges
  10. Defaulters will have themselves to blame
  11. 2019 WASSCE will start in May 2019 and end in June 2019
  12. Unannounced visits by Minister and team to schools
  13. Teachers found guilty of professional misconduct i.e extortion, negligence of duty, persistent absenteeism will have themselves to blame
  14. Teachers are going to be issued a teaching license
  15. Class size is 50
Campaign Promise
Detail Activities
  • Revert from 6-3-4-4 system of education to the 6-3-3-4 with focus on improving learning and teaching and providing for those who cannot pursue university education.
  • Implement and fund a new Free Education Programme for primary and secondary levels.
  • Enhance the capacity for education planning, management, monitoring and coordination
  • Develop a new National Education Policy and Action Plan to translate the New Direction into concrete programmes
  • Develop a robust policy and legal framework for Public-Private-Partnership in the education sector.
  • Develop a new NGO/donor co-ordination policy that would make them more accountable and integrated into the public education programmes
  • Strengthen Education Management and Information System (EMIS) to support informed strategic decision-making, programme development, management and evaluation by providing quality data at all levels at all times
  • Develop the capacity of School Inspectorate for effective school monitoring and supervision.
  • Build the capacity of School Management Committees (SMC) through regular training and providing incentives for their contribution to school management
  • De-politicise the Board of Governors of schools, redefine their roles, and introduce a compulsory reporting requirement for Boards
  • Respect and support the autonomy of the National Union of Students (NUSS).
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