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In the New Direction, the SLPP will:
  • Examine the laws relating to dual citizenship with a view to allowing Sierra Leonean Diaspora to fully participate in the politics of Sierra Leone
  • Move the Office of Diaspora Affairs to the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning
  • De-politicise the staffing and management of Diaspora affairs
  • Mobilize highly skilled Sierra Leoneans for knowledge and skills transfer to Sierra Leone through volunteer services or short-term consultancy services or partnership between local and Diaspora professionals organizations
  • Mobilize and leverage Sierra Leonean Diaspora business communities for investment and trade in Sierra Leone
  • Study and develop mechanisms to facilitate investment and transfer of funds from the Diaspora in collaboration with Sierra Leonean financial institutions
  • Develop interactive mechanisms and special incentives for Sierra Leonean Diaspora Business communities
  • Encourage Sierra Leonean Diaspora to form professional fora abroad.
  • Improve on the consular services to the Sierra Leonean Diaspora
  • Build development funds targeting specific sectors of the economy and work with Diaspora or their representatives to be part of the implementation process.
  • Take necessary measures to enable Sierra Leoneans in Diaspora to vote overseas in public elections
  • Work with a host of countries to promote the interest and rights of Diasporas and allow them access jobs.
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