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On 25th, April 2018, The Statehouse released Executive "Order Number Two Immediate Expenditure Control Measures" On 9th, May 2018, Statehouse released "Chief Minister to slash LE 15 Billion (USD $2 million) wage bill left by the former office of the chief of staff"
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Uncontrolled wages and salaries caused by bloated public sector through presidential appointments and establishment of commissions that largely usurp the line Ministries’ functions, unregulated wage increases, double or triple dipping of salaries and pension as well as uncoordinated recruitment across the public sector. If we are to restore credibility to the service, we must coordinate the wage bill. If we are to enhance staff moral and improve on service delivery, we must control the wage bill. Wages and Salaries must be harmonized on the basis of fairness and equity in the use of public resources. A commissioner or a director or director general must have an aligned appropriate grading within the civil service comparable to other public sector workers, payroll verification exercise between Government and NASSIT, public sector workers on Government payroll will be assigned biometric photos and personalized pin codes linked to NASSIT numbers. These measures, when implemented will lead to substantial savings to finance our programs. This will provide substantial savings to the Budget.
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